Han Il Kwan
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Han Il Kwan review

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For the novice :
1. Seafood pancake - Hae Mul Pa Jun
Shrimp, calamari, clams, oysters, onions made into a crispy pancake, served with soy dipping sauce

For the adventurous :
2. Beef slices - Roast Pyun Chae
Nearly raw, paper thin slices of beef served with shredded onion, sesame leaves, wasabi, pepper paste and dipping sauce

4. Pork with oyster - Jae Yook Kul Bo Saam
Steamed pork belly with slightly salted cabbage, spicy oyster radish kimchi served with shrimp sauce condiment and dipping sauce

For the novice :
1. Grilled beef short ribs - Gal bi Gui
Seasoned grilled short ribs served with lettuce, dipping sauce, and various condiments

9. Grilled pork slices - Dwe Ji Bulgogi
Seasoned grilled pork slices in sweet and spicy sauce

For the adventurous :
13. Spicy cold black noodle - Chik Neng Myun
Cold black rice noodle with vegetables, beef, egg, and spicy seasoning

1. Black goat stew - Huk Yumso Jungol (for two)
Black goat stew, herbs, vegetables served table side on a stove top.