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ChinASCII is a game written in Java and based on the poetry of Charles Bukowski. The game was written by Jeff Crouse, Dan Klainbaum and myself as a final project for LCC 8823, taught by Ian Bogost. The assignment was to create a game which would capture Bukowski's poetry.

In order to accomplish the goal of representing Bukowski's work in videogame form we decided to create a three part game. Each part of the game would represent what we felt was a vital part of Bukowski's life: his writing, his drinking and his love life. Each of these three minigames is played cocurrently. As the game is played the player must constantly switch between the three minigames to keep from loosing the game and to continue to build points. As the player builds points the progress in the game is represented by an ever increasing collection of published works.

Graphically the game is designed to evoke the ASCII art games of the early years of computing. This was done in order to better represent the idea of living and working with text in Bukowski's life and to represent the older computers that Bukowski sometimes used and fought with

The game can be downloaded here - requires Java